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The 3 - Day Mini Cure Lymphatic Master Class  Enhances Creativity, Productivity, and Energy
Simple life hacks addresses the root-causes of low energy, brain-fog, and fatigue with simple, practical solutions.

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Your Energy is your Most Valuable Asset. 

Your energy is the fuel of your creativity. It is the foundation of clarity to make intelligent decisions. It gives you the fortitude to push through challenges with grace, grit, and humor. 

Protecting and nurturing this asset, is one of the most important, high-value investments you can make. 

And yet…

One survey says that 67% of people are deeply exhausted. They are running on caffeine and overhyped supplements, forever fighting an uphill battle with limited energy resources. 

I know because I’ve been there... 
Meet Kelly Kennedy.
Founder of The Beats Podcast and Co-Founder of The True Wellness Center

How I Went From Chronic Pain and Illness to Limitless Energy and Peak Performance

Hi, I’m Kelly Kennedy. 

Like you, as a young child I was told to figure out what I wanted “to be” when I grew up. I knew. I wanted to be a doctor. Why? SImple : I did not want to get cancer. I wanted to make sure if I did get it, how to not die from it. It was selfishly motivated honestly. And since no one had answers as to how I could avoid getting Hodgkin’s disease and cancer multiple times like my father, I figured becoming a doctor would help me figure it out.

I had a plan. I had a goal. I had a mission. 

And yet, higher forces seemingly had a different plan for me. My first year at Cornell University, I endured a year of tragedy changing my entire path. After a car accident I was told to ‘manage my pain’ with painkillers, muscle relaxers, and support groups and await an inevitable surgery to fuse my vertebrae together. 

A little over a month later my chronic diseased father suffered a stroke. 5 months later another stroke and 5 months after that, a stroke which landed him laying in a hospital bed unable to speak. His untimely death at 55, woke me up. I was 20 years old, living on medication to manage the pain from the accident, acne, my irregular cycle and allergies and had just watched my father pass. He was too young to have gone, and yet the radiation and chemotherapy made him look like he was 90. I was convinced that allopathic medicine did not have the answers. 
Although biology had some of the answers, I knew nutrition and education also played a major part. 

That’s when something inside me snapped. 

I had to figure this out. There had to be another way, another option. I had to get my life back. 

For the next three years I felt lost. With little resources, being a college student burdened by student loans, 3 jobs, and in chronic pain, I began hunting for a solution. I tried everyone and everything in the tri-state area. Neurologist, Orthopedic Specialist, Pain Specialist, Hypnotherapist, support groups, reiki, massage.. I was determined to find a different answer. 

My energy felt like it was constantly decreasing, I could not bear the thought of getting older because I felt 90 at the age of 23. The fear of getting cancer also constantly lingered in the back of my mind.  
The sparkle I had for life was missing, no longer being able to row competitively or for fun, I was unable to work out, I was consuming easy, fast, comfort foods so I began to gain weight. My relationships deteriorated, leaving me emotionally isolated and drained. Eventually, even my school work performance began to suffer. I was getting my degree from one of the most prestigious schools in the country and I was so lost as to how I was going to get through this life—living in this pain and with the threat of disease looming all the time… was I to get out? Where were the other options? 

Then one day…All of my persistence paid off….

Enter the bio-regulatory approach with Ian Kennedy 3 years later. I had one session of emotional release technique dealing with the pain in my body and all I know is that I returned to his office a week later as I was now weaning myself off vicodin and flexeril and immediately I asked "how did you take my pain away Ian?" He said "energy".  

I said "What the **** is energy?" He said "cool huh?". I said "I don't know what you are talking about, but I am going to figure it out and then share it with the world.” I haven’t left his side since. I just knew I had found something that had worked finally, while I didn’t understand it yet, I needed to stick around for 2 reasons.  

Reason #1: I never wanted the pain to come back and since his answer of “energy” was nonsensical at the time..I vowed to not leave his side in case it came back so maybe he could do his “magic” again. I now know it’s not magic, it is science, quantum physics…that looks like magic. 

Reason #2: I wanted to really understand this answer “energy” and be as confident as Ian was with it as the answer to how I healed…”just energy”.

I worked with Ian on a physical and emotional level over about 3-5 months that alleviated all that pain. Yes, all the pain. Not kidding. And then the real journey began, after the immediate symptoms started to go away I began to unwind….more on that later. At the time, like so many, I thought the symptoms were the problems….hahahaha. Oh this journey.  

Enter the Science of Terrain Biology….
It is the environment….Not the germ.

About 5-6 years after beginning to work alongside Ian Kennedy we were introduced to European Bio-Regulatory Medicine. Over the next 16 years and counting we have studied all over Europe and some select classes here in the states as well that teach this new paradigm.  

We had taken what we learned, studied and applied to our client base this European Biological Medicine Approach with our team of doctors and practitioners over these same years. We have used this paradigm and approach to assist myself and others in alleviating symptoms and to OPTIMIZE many others’ wellness.  

All of this was proven with regulatory testing that is empirical and tangible. This approach allowed me to begin living my dreams…I was able to empirically see these techniques, remedies, therapies and approaches turn cases around as clients remained devoted to the process of healing.  

The happiness that I have attained by realizing that I am in control, the confidence that I have in my own immune system, and the knowledge attained to continue to help myself, my family and others is incomprehensible. I have found the fountain of youth so to speak and I am truly living again!

I am no longer dealing with acne, bursting ovarian cysts, allergies, or sun sensitivities. I was able to easily heal from a broken arm, a broken leg….I got pregnant in my late 30s with only assistance from a midwife and my amazing husband. And so many other things keep resolving as I chronically age and yet feel like I get biologically younger and my regulation test confirms just that! I am FREE and so excited about helping others do the same!

All of my bio-regulatory testing, all of my clinical experiences were that of feeling and getting better and better with more flexibility in my life, body, mind and spirit then ever before and keeps getting better with each year. Yet this wasn’t everyone’s experience that worked with us, there were still cases that were not resolving…and I had to figure out why!

In hindsight I now KNOW 

In hindsight I now KNOW that my plan, my goals and mission could ONLY be accomplished from this new path I was “forced” on by that very intense year of my darkest hour. However I KNEW that I wasn’t supposed to live a life full of disease and pain, I just KNEW it. I was raised in a very faith-filled home and while I didn’t understand HOW the power of prayer worked..I knew they had called my dad a medical miracle for living as long as he had, my mother always said it was the prayer and his will. I now couldn’t agree more. It took me a long time to understand this, live this, watch others do it and be able to explain it and now here we are…All my roads leading back to my original plan, goals and mission. 

As I realized not everyone was having the same results as me—-I also realized through regulatory testing that EVERYONE, and I am NOT exaggerating, EVERYONE had stagnant lymph on the computerized regulation thermography which is a quantitative assessment of our entire body. Further, while other organs or systems had issues on the test –when suggestions were followed for how to clean up the liver, sinus’, kidneys, dental piece etc…the lymph no matter what recommendation I made back then –NOTHING was working.  

I had clients that couldn’t tolerate detox, they still were not moving their bowels despite taking all the things that SHOULD help that issue according to functional medicine things like magnesium, probiotics, amino acids and so forth. Clients felt reactions to trying to detox or address chronic infections like Lyme and Epstein Barr Virus and only getting worse….How could we help them improve with them feeling worse first! 

That’s when I realized we were NOT moving the needle yet on the lymphatics…….

I had to figure this out. There was no other option. I had to help others gain control over their health and wellness just like I did…what was I missing? 

I spent thousands of hours combing through research. I called dozens of leading experts on chronic illness and pain.

Slowly, a picture began to emerge. I saw connections between dots in wildly different fields. Each expert had a piece of the puzzle, but none of them had the BIG picture. 

None of them saw how the pieces fit together.

Connecting The Dots lead to the term...

We have 3 times more lymph fluid than blood…this is the environment, terrain that the cells live in.  

If our lymph stops working we die. 

If our body is trying to compensate for a pathogen, toxin or emotion –it is the lymphatic system that allows this to go well, creating an “army” of soldiers to get these toxins out of the body and MOVING them out along with the emotions….as long as everything works well. 

If everything isn’t working well for so many reasons then we see back up and that means sleep issues, bowels issues, menstrual issues, fatigue, exhaustion, rashes, digestive issues, headaches….etc.

This terrain (environment around the cells) and the ability to drain this “toxic barrel and burden” is the job of the body if you will. Typical movements, standard dry brushing and rebounding plus homeopathics were not moving that needle. It was more than movement and gentle support to get this overly clogged system in our clients to MOVE. 
Dr. Isaac Jones
7-Figure Virtual Practice Coach
I’ve built a 7-figure, virtual practice that gave me the lifestyle of my dreams. I teach doctors and health experts how to generate 6-7 figures per year in sales with a virtual practice. 
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Dr. Isaac Jones
7-Figure Virtual Practice Coach
I’ve built a 7-figure, virtual practice that gave me the lifestyle of my dreams. I teach doctors and health experts how to generate 6-7 figures per year in sales with a virtual practice. 
So What Is This Proven Approach? 
I’ve now used this approach clinically to help 100’s of just like you to transform their energy, body and overall health...
Proven to rapidly transform energy levels and overall health
by 100's of clients just like you

The Mini Cure Lymphatic Master Class for Elevated Energy and Radiant Vitality

I created a deep dive practical class that helps clear the environment (terrain) thus allowing the cellular system and the autonomic nervous system to work more ideally and getting to the root cause of illness—overburden of toxins in the system. Fatigue, low energy, weight gain, brain fog, digestive issues, reproductive issues and so much more are symptoms of the body not being able to keep up with the burden and the drainage system has to be really cleaned out!

I was blown away by the results. I had no symptoms…yet I started to feel even better….

Within just a few weeks, I had more energy than I’d had in years. My body responded and the love-handles melted away almost by themselves.. My mind became sharper, more focused, and my productivity skyrocketed. What’s more is my relationships are better, I’m happier and I truly believe this has added another 30-50 years to my life.  

And clients that couldn’t tolerate much of anything…all of the sudden were making headway and shifts in their system and they could finally detox!!!!

Today, 24 years later, I am so fortunate and now get to live my dreams everyday helping other people gain control over their health, empower them to KNOW how their body really works and have been drug free, pain free and helping others do the same for over 2 decades. And now…what is the secret, more than any other that I am here to share with you…..YOU GOT THIS! You can control your genetics! Did you hear that–read that again—YOU are in control of your genetic predispositions….they are potentials NOT absolutes! Change the environment, change the behavior!

I knew I couldn’t keep this to myself. So we began teaching all of our colleagues. Then COVID hit and it was obvious we needed to get the word out faster to the masses and allow people to take control TODAY over their drainage. THis paradigm shift was allowing people to begin to really detox and address chronic infections as the drainage was assured….it was all about the lymphatics. 

And the results have been nothing short of life-changing.

Proven to rapidly transform energy levels and overall health
by 100’s of clients just like you 
Finally, a C.U.R.E. that gets long-term sustainable health results!
The 3 Day Mini-Cure

Aspect 1

What is the Lymphatic System
Identify the cause lymphatic stagnation

Aspect 2

 Master Discussion 
*previously recorded*
Q& A with Kelly Kennedy 

Aspect 3

Daily Movement Exercises
Physical Stimulation of FLOW

Aspect 4

Daily Recipes to Nourish Our  Lymphatic FLOW

Aspect 5

Life Hacks for Lymph
Every day tools & practices

Aspect 6

Writing Practice
Our lymphatics hold emotions, 
it's time to let it go

Finally, a C.U.R.E. that gets long-term sustainable health results!
Join the Mini C.U.R.E Today!
In this Lymphatic Master Class we get to the core of what has been holding your body back and stifling your energy.
Here's What We Will Cover

Day 1

To heal the Lymphatics we need to understand the Lymphatics
  • Short Videos: Explaining & Understanding the Lymphatic System 
  • Solutions: What you can do at home to remove blockages 
  • ​Recipe: Designed to Support the Lymphatic System
  • Writing Prompt: It's time to acknowledge our emotions and let them go
  • ​Master Discussion with Q&A with Kelly Kennedy at 6PM EST

Day 2

Eco Home Evaluation: Living for our Lymphatics 
  • Short Videos: How can we clear our environment to clear our lymph 
  • Solutions: Understanding the choices we make everyday
  • Recipe: Understanding the ingredients in our food 
  • Writing Prompt: Let's explore emotional eating and our attachment to food
  • Master Discussion Q& A: with Kelly Kennedy 6PM EST

Day 3

Flowing through movement
  • Short Videos  Simples excerises and habits we can do everyday 
  • Solutions: Making movement a fun daily experience 
  • Recipe: Food that keeps us moving internally
  • Writing Prompt: Your relationship with movement, how do you express yourself and what that means about you 
  • ​Master Discussion Q&A: with Kelly Kennedy at 6PM EST

Join the Mini C.U.R.E. Today!

In this Lymphatic Master Class we get to the core of what has been holding your body back and stifling your energy.

Join the Mini C.U.R.E Today!

In this Lymphatic Master Class we get to the core of what has been holding your body back and stifling your energy.

Here’s What You Get with the 
3 Day Mini-Cure

  • Comprehensive Lymphatic Evaluation to uncover blindspots and the underlying causes of your issues.
  • ​Daily videos to better understand an support the lymphatic system *Master classes with Special Guest*
  • ​Movement exercises that boost lymphatic flow
  • Writing practices to help you acknowledge the aspects of you life that are not in FLOW
  • ​Practical tools that you can do throughout the day to attain FLOW
  • ​Recipes that will boost Lymphatic FLOW


The Mini Cure Lymphatic Master Class is not for everybody!

This is simple and practical approach that can completely transform your life. But it requires commitment and action. You have to follow through with the recommendations and strategies we give you to get results.

My reputation depends on your results so I am only extended this offer to individuals who are truly committed to their health.

Be aware this is mostly a self guided program, the only time you will need to reserve is if you would like to join us for the nightly 6pm master discussion Q& A with Kelly.

If You Are a Client Who: 

  • Experiences Fatigue, exhaustion, or brain fog and want to 3-10X your energy. 
  • ​Is Frustrated with stubborn weight gain and wants to turn your body into a fat burning machine with a lean, toned physique.
  • ​Wants to make a serious upgrade in brain health, clarity of thought, and overall mood.
  • ​Struggles with low productivity and work performance and want to increase your capacity to get more done in less time. 
  • ​Is excited to elevate overall health, longevity and happiness in life and create a foundation for a long, vibrant life.

Your Investment in All-Day Energy and Higher Performance:

How much is a higher level of performance worth? If you doubled your productivity, what would that do to your income in the next quarter? 

Now take that number and extend it over the course of a year. Now 3 years. Now 5 years. 

What kind of a return will your higher energy levels give you over the course of the next decade? 

What kind of life would you be able to live? How would your relationships change if you weren’t exhausted at the end of the day? How would your quality of life change?

Your energy is your most valuable asset. Nurturing and protecting it is one of the best investments you can possibly make.


You can get full access to my complete toolkit, the advanced diagnostics and strategies, along with customized solutions for your body…

All for less than you would spend on lunch at Chipotle in a couple weeks. 

Your Mini Cure 3 Day Masterclass:

Normally $997 

Get it Today For Only $377


To provide the support and guidance you need we turn this page off once we reach capacity. If you are seeing this page, then you still have an opportunity to claim a spot before we fill up again. 

Just click the button below to reserve your spot today and begin your journey to limitless energy and higher performance.
Protected By My No-Hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee 
I know what it’s like to feel jaded from the empty promises of health professionals. That’s what got me here in the first place. I tried everything out there and I am so confident this system works, I am willing to take on all of the risk for you.

 If for any reason you don’t think this consultation was valuable, if it didn’t give you what you were looking for, then simply ask for your money back and I will issue a prompt refund. No questions asked. You’ve got nothing to lose by signing up now. 
Protected By My No-Hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee 
 I know what it’s like to feel jaded from the empty promises of health professionals. That’s what got me here in the first place. I tried everything out there and I am so confident this system works, I am willing to take on all of the risk for you.

 If for any reason you don’t think this consultation was valuable, if it didn’t give you what you were looking for, then simply ask for your money back and I will issue a prompt refund. No questions askedYou’ve got nothing to lose by signing up now. 

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine you could finally understand the underlying issues associated with your health and energy problems. 

Envision a healthier, energized and productive version of you. 

Imagine being able to stop emotionally and financially devastating diseases before they take root.

Imagine the confidence and security that comes with a clear plan of action to holistically address the underlying cause once and for all.

We believe this could be one of the best investments of your life. 

You are going to get what the medical and insurance system simply can’t deliver by ignoring this personalized comprehensive approach you deserve. 

You Are At a Crossroads: 

What will you choose?

You Are At a Crossroads: 
What will you choose?

This is Your Opportunity. 
This is Your Crossroads. 

You can stay on the path you are on and keep doing what you’ve always done. You can keep struggling and hoping and trying whatever products are put in front of you and hope that eventually one of the me works. 

You can choose, like many do, to believe, “It’s not that bad…” and ignore the future professional and health challenges you create for yourself. 

Or you can take action NOW.

You can sign up for your Mini Cure Lymphatic Master Class today and watch your future change before your eyes. 

You can choose to take decisive action. You can choose to avoid the insidious, draining negative effects on your health. You can choose and take your energy, your performance, life to the next level TODAY.

The question is… 

Do you believe you are worth it? 

Click the button below to take your next step to transform your energy and health today:

From Our Heart to Yours

Kelly Kennedy

P.S. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by investing in transformational, personalized health consultation. This represents my life’s work and integrates the most cutting edge health tech and methodologies available. That’s why we are able to get such astonishing results for our clients. 

But remember, if you’re not satisfied with what you get, you can always get your money back with our no-hassle money-back guarantee. But be sure to act quick, as soon as we are at capacity, we close this offer until a new slot opens up.

​This is a FREE Webclass.

There Are No Costs, But Time Is Very Limited. 

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