If you are struggling with cases and are not able to get the lymphatic drainage for clients that you expect...This advanced treatment technique is for you!

Join the Lymph Node Release Technique
Advanced Training

April 23rd & 24th, 2022 (10am - 6pm)
The Academy of Massage Therapy & Bodyworks
 Pottstown, PA

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Lymph Node Release Technique
Advanced Training

Learn this powerful method from Kelly Kennedy and unleash the healing potential of lymphatic flow - even when traditional methods have been unsuccessful!
April 23rd & 24th, 2022 (10am - 6pm)
The Academy of Massage and Bodyworks Pottstown, PA
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The Advanced Technique That Could be the Missing Link in Your Practitioner Treatment Toolkit!
Join Kelly for a 2-day, hands-on, in-depth, and in-person training of the advanced technique that gets the "Lymph Queen" amazing results for her patients & clients!
I have discovered, along my journey as a Biological Investigator, that the root of so much dis-regulation and disease is a lack of lymphatic flow. If the lymphatics are unable to properly drain, nothing we do will have the desired lasting outcome. ~ Kelly Kennedy

Lymph Node Release Technique assists the body in drainage and detoxification of toxins, reduces swelling and water retention, aids in weight loss, reduces lymphedema, and can help relieve heavy legs and sore joints.
Benefits of the Lymph Node Release Technique
  • Boosts Digestion
  • Reduces Bloating & Constipation
  • Enhances the Healing Process
  • ​Improves Circulation
  • Improves Metabolism
  • ​Revs Up the Immune System
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • ​and the list goes on!
What's Included?
  • 2- Days of In-Depth, Hands-On Training  Lymph Node Release Technique + FLOWpresso®
  • Continuing Education Units  Eligible for 14 CEUs (14 earned during this 2 days training)
  • BONUS #1  Kelly's Lymphatic Lessons 26-Page eGuide
  • BONUS #2  Manual Lymphatic Stimulation for Self-Care Mini-Guide
  • ​BONUS #3  ​FLOWpresso Mini Session As an added bonus, Kelly will be bringing a FLOWpresso (both days)! This device utilizes a 3-in-1 therapy of gentle compression, infrared heat, and nano-vibrational technology to get the body into a deep state of relaxation. On breaks and off times, you will be able to experience this incredible technology!
This advanced treatment technique is suitable for:
Patients or clients who want to improve wellbeing, whether they have just had surgery, are pregnant or postnatal, been injured, experience bloating or constipation, are facing hormonal stresses such as menopause, PMT, Hashimoto’s disease, lymphedema or simply want to feel lighter and more relaxed.
Who should take this class?
  • Professional Healthcare Practitioners
  • Students in Healthcare Program (or Awaiting Certification)
  • Others Licensed to Touch the Body
Register Today for Just $697!
Your Instructor

Kelly Kennedy

aka "Lymph Queen"

Kelly Kennedy is a biological investigator and medical intuitive, whose studies began more traditionally as a pre-med student at Cornell University, where she received a degree in Biology.

Her father passed away from Hodgkin’s disease when she was just 20. That same year, a car accident left her in chronic pain, emotionally drained, and her life in a state of upheaval.

After 3 years of succumbing to the contemporary allopathic paradigm without results, Kelly finally sought a different approach – that of BioRegulatory medicine – which relieved her pain permanently. Kelly knew she had found the answers she was seeking; she began working with Ian Kennedy and a skilled, passionate practitioner was born.

Today Kelly is the Executive Director of The True Wellness Center in Pennsylvania and serves on the Board of Advisors of the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute. Kelly focus’ on the lymphatics and the regulatory capacities of the body to allow healing to occur. Her journey has lead her to KNOW that physical medicine/work is only a piece of the puzzle and that opening the heart and working on the energy bodies is equally, if not more important to get into alignment to allow for true wellness.

In a world facing health challenges of epidemic proportions, Kelly will not rest until “bioregulatory” becomes a household word.
You will receive a certificate of completion and this training is eligible for 14 CEUs (all 14 earned during the 2-day training)
BONUSES! Kelly's 26-Pg Lymphatic Lessons Guide, Manual Lymph Techniques Mini-Guide, PLUS a complementary FLOWpresso session.

What Lymph Node Technique Graduates are 
Saying about the Training

"Thank you for an amazing training. It was small but intimate. It reignited my passion for life and it gave me the direction I was looking for. I am very exited to explore the alchemy of processing emotions, EFT/energy work and lymphatics. I can feel an energetic shift in me, I don’t have the exact words to express it yet, but I know that my chakras are more open. I have always been very emotionally guarded (I guess I became a therapist because I needed it, go figure). I am 46 and half my life I have explored yoga, natural healing modalities, meditation and I have been working on keeping my heart open but this weekend helped me experience what it FEELS like to actually be open. I was in the right place at the right time." - Alefiyah

Event Details
The Academy of Massage Therapy & Bodyworks 141 East High Street
Pottstown, PA 19464
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Pottstown, PA

iCreate Cafe - 0 .2 mi from institute 4 min walk
Vyana Cafe - 0.2 mi from institute 4 min walk
Seed & Soil Plant Based Eatery - 0.2 mi from institute 5 min walk
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott  - 1.4 mi. from institute 5 min drive
Best Western Plus Executive Residency 
2.1 mi. from institute 5 min drive
Days Inn by Wyndham - 2.2 mi. from institute 5 min drive

King of Prussia, PA 

We recommend staying in King of Prussia so that you can eat breakfast and dinner at all of the amazing resturants & brining a lunch to the the training!

True Food Kitchen - 22 mi from institute 26 min drive
Vitality Bowls - 25 mi from institute 22 min drive
Sweetgreen - 22 mi from institute 26 min drive
Home2Suites by Hampton - 23 mi. from institute 28 min drive
The Alloy by Doubletree - 24 mi. from institute 30 min drive
Holiday Inn Express - 23 mi. from institute 25 min drive
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