LYmph Node Release Technique
Training with Kelly Kennedy

The Lymph Node Release Technique was created by Desiree DeSpong, creator of the FLOWpresso therapy device, and is unlike any mainstream lymphatic therapy. 

In this technique, we focus on stimulating the clusters of deep lymph nodes that filter the fluid from lymphatic vessels.

November 6-7, 2021 
The Academy of Massage Therapy & Body Work,
 Pottstown PA

In Person Training with Kelly Kennedy, 
LMST, LNRT, Biological Investigator, Lymph Queen

2 Days Training with Limited Spaces Available 
Saturday & Sunday from 9AM-5PM

Normal price of this class is $956! Today we are offering it for $565!

Yes! I want to take advantage of this $400 savings to learn this advanced 
technique by Kelly Kennedy!

Lymph Node Release Technique is a gentle and rhythmic therapy that supports the overall FLOW and lymphatic drainage of the body. It aids in flushing out excess toxins and fluid to support and optimize your wellness! 
I am extremely excited to be able to bring to you science based knowledge and empower you with hands on experience to give to you the ability to be on the cutting edge of one of the most important systems in our bodies, the Lymphatic System!

Why is this technique different?

Lymph Node Release Technique differs from Vodder/Chickly as we are not focusing on surface lymphatics but instead on the clusters of lymph nodes that filter the fluid from these vessels.

Suitable For

This treatment is suitable for anyone aiming to improve wellbeing whether you have just had surgery, are pregnant or postnatal, been injured, bloated, constipated, facing hormonal stresses such as menopause, PMT, Hashimoto’s disease, lymphedema or simply wants to feel lighter and more relaxed.

Who This Class is For

  • Professional Healthcare Practitioner
  • ​Student in Healthcare Program or Awaiting Certification
  • Those Licensed to Touch the Body

What You Will Get

  • In person, hands on instruction
  • Cutting Edge, Science Based Knowledge
  • ​Certification of Completion
  • ​14 CEUS

                             Benefits of Lymph Node Release Technique                           


– Detoxification
– Reducing Swelling
– Combats Cellulite
– Aids in Weight Loss
– Reduces Lymphedema
– Relieves Heavy Legs and Sore Joints 
– And so much more! 


– Boosts Digestion
– Reduces Bloating and Constipation
– Speeds Up Healing Process
– Improves Metabolism and Circulation
– Boosts Immune System
– Promotes Relaxation
– And so much more! 

Normal price of this class is $956! Today we are offering it for $565!

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Fairfield Inn & Suites by Mariott Pottstown 1.5 mi. from academy 5 min drive
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iCreate Cafe - .2 mi from academy 1 min drive
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